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Business cards

Identification of your business color or black & white..

PRINT – digital sheet print – one-sided / two-sided.

RECOMMENDED MATERIAL – paper of weight from 200 to 350g/m2.

RECOMMENDED FINISHING PROCESSES – laminating matt/glossy, lamination, rounding, scoring, trimming, embossing, partial polish. Possibility of personalization via variable print, as well as possibility of entering any variable data (names, numbers, barcodes, etc.)

Digital art offers high quality digital printing using the most advanced technology as well as design, prespress and professional offset printing. With our knowledge, skills and experience combined with the lathest methods and highest quality paper we make your materials perfect.
Our studio is located downtown Belgrade, come and visit us every work day from 9:00am to 6:00pm or contact us on 011 361 72 81.